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Whether you are a stay at home mom looking for a well-balanced workout program to do from home or an athlete looking to improve power and strength, we will pair you up with a trainer who meets your specialization. Each customized exercise program is 8-weeks in duration. You have the option to print out your workouts in a variety of formats and track your progress on paper or you can access your workout program on your smartphone and type in your weights, sets, reps, etc. that you can save to track your progression as you move along your program week to week.

Here are some of our more popular 8-week workout programs that might be of interest to you:

  • Weight Management
  • Sport Performance for Athletes
  • Muscle Mass Builder
  • Exercising From Home
  • General Maintenance
  • Body Weight Workout Programs
  • TRX Programs

All Root3d customized 8-week workout programs include video clips and bullet point instructions on how to perform each exercise for your entire program!

How It Works

Root3d Personalized 8-Week Workout Program
  • You will receive a few questionnaires to fill out in regards to goals, fitness level, needs, etc.
  • Pre-program assessment to track progress along the way
  • The trainer assigned to you will create an 8-week program that is based on the above information
  • Depending on your goals, 8-week programs will consist of all or a combination of strength training, cardio, and stretching
  • Program variables included: Reps, sets, rest time, intensity level, tempo, etc.
  • Video clips and instructions included with every exercise
  • Printable logging sheets for every workout
  • Post-program assessment to track 8-week change

Root3d Workout Program
Root3d Personalized Meal Plan with Nutritional Guidelines
  • You will receive a few questionnaires to fill out in regards to goals, food restrictions, needs, preferences, etc.
  • Nutritional guidelines document that is tailored towards your necessary caloric intake to reach your goals
  • Personalized grocery list and recipes
  • Access to online nutrition website AND app to take with you on the go
  • Compatible syncing with your Apple Watch and Fitbit

Root3d Nutrition Program


Root3d Premuim Workout & Nutrition Program